Michel sardou entrusts herself to her wife Anne-Marie perish: “without her I would be lost”

Michel sardou entrusts herself to her wife Anne-Marie perish:

At 74 years old, half sardou is still full of projects. His last one: the release of an autobiography titled I’m not dead. I’m sleeping, in which he tells his fifty years of career and returns to his personal life.

From the beginning of the show, the host, who often provokes controversy, discusses the subject of the woman of michel sardou, Anne-Marie perir. The former editor of the magazine she married in 1999 with the interpreter of the lakes of connemara. More than twenty years later, he explains that the one he describes as “his only certainty” still represents a lighthouse at night for him.

Faced with anxiety, hesitation and stress caused by the popularity and exposure of the singer’s life, his wife found the right words to soothe michel sardou. All the questions inherent in the artist’s life make him a difficult person to manage as the singer, great friend of johnny hallyday willingly concedes. “We’re all worried, traumatized at birth,” he admits, explaining that it’s probably something hereditary: “My father was the same, my wife’s, françois perish, was worse than me.

A very beautiful statement by michel sardou, a few months after Anne-Marie’s confidences on the well-tipped character of his man.