Michèle Bernier and Charlotte Gaccio refuse the déconfinement : “We are still here !”

Life came to a sudden pause, in the month of march 2020, as the government imposed the confinement to all of our country. But some have taken up the habit… maybe a little too much. Rather than stay locked up in the capital, Michèle Bernier is a party take refuge in his family home in the Meuse with his daughter, his son-Sebastian and his two grand-children, twins of 2 and a half years old, Zoe and Romeo. “It is in the countryside, in the house that my paternal great-grandfather [the professor Choron, ED.] was built,” explains Charlotte Gaccio – the daughter of Michèle Bernier and the comedian Bruno Gaccio – in the columns of the magazine Gala.

It would be well to have remained where they were, initially, to the property of their respective performance. Charlotte Gaccio was going to take the TGV to get to Rennes when she learned that his tour was cancelled. About Michèle Bernier, it was shining on the boards, but had to submit the result later. Much later. It is simple, this setup is worth so much to the family that no account move soon ! “We decided to stay confined ! As long as we don’t have a date certain as to the recovery of our shoots, we will stay here. Between us,” says the young actress.

The duo has not been idle, however. Michèle Bernier and Charlotte Gaccio are attached to the team of the tablet humorous of France 2, special containment, entitled The rescue, hello. – with, among others, Philippe Lellouche, Alice Belaïdi, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Élie Semoun, Isabelle Nanty, Alex Lutz, Jean-Paul Rouve. Michèle Bernier, who is not output only once during three months, captures a bit of a return to Paris. And in the meantime, she enjoys. “It’s fun to share a day-to-day we had a little bit forgotten, she says. Especially with two children so small that it is necessary to take care in daily life, leaving, in turn, the place to grandma, the parents… But we are spoiled because we get on well.” It will be necessary, alas, to return sooner or later to the normal…

Find the full interview of Michèle Bernier and Charlotte Gaccio in the magazine Gala n° 1406 of 22 may 2020.