Michèle Mercier : Cancer, fractures, dead… “misfortune in all directions”

Life sometimes is not tender and may look like that of the Orphans Baudelaire. Misfortunes which attract others, Michèle Mercier knows well. In the columns of the last issue of France on Sunday, the legendary Angelique, marquise of the angels recounted all his misfortunes, beginning with her cancer.

“I was very sick. And only just recovered from a nasty cancer of the skin, this is how I divide the two feet ! Sliding stupidly at me last year, I broke the figure and a foot. Suddenly, hospitalization, operation, rehabilitation for months on end, because I could no longer walk, and barely back home with me is that I fractured the other foot. So back to the hospital, and same player shoot again. (…) However I had removed all my carpet to do not that it happens, and it’s still happened,” she explained.

Now confined in his home in cannes, with a health care aide who helps him to walk again, she is pleased that a number of the animals (a squirrel and doves) come to visit him. “Before falling ill, I had a dog, a small bichon so cute, I have unfortunately been obliged to make, because I couldn’t deal with it. If you knew as it did me, split the heart,” says Michèle Mercier in France on Sunday.

“I’ve had misfortune in every sense,” acknowledges the actress, 81-year-old. “The latest being the loss of my sister a few months ago. I am also annihilated by all these things that I learn when I turn on the tv,” says Michele Mercier, who is said to have been “dropped” by the cinema.

Now, it has its friends in the show-biz on the fingers of one hand. “Many of them are gone. Jean-Paul Belmondo, who rented each summer to a house in the area, comes at least a time or two to breakfast with me. I make him spaghetti to the carbonara which he loves. But apart from him, I do not see. I’ve never had a lot of girlfriends”, she added.

Find the interview of Michèle Mercier in the latest issue of France dimanche.