Michelle Hunziker, a very sweet family celebration for the daughter of heaven: the little pest of the house Trussardi celebrates 5 years

Heavenly Trussardi, the youngest daughter of Michelle Hunziker celebrates 5 years. And the party – in times of Coronavirus – can’t that be home, with dad, Thomas and the sisters of the Sun and Aurora Ramazzotti. “We… we’re home!”, writes the presenter. “The birthday of the little Cece has been intense and full of love in the intimacy of the family. You also do it.. the most you can…. #iorestoacasa”. And as it grew the adorable little brat, Cece!

Michelle Hunziker, the last holiday in the Maldives: super bikini, with an amazing body and B-side… like when was Roberta!

“WE SCRUB ALL OF THEM!” – Michelle joins the appeal of the vip to ask everyone to stay home. And back in the news Strip in the pair with Gerry Scotti with all precautions dictated by the emergency: “After 16 editions, the onset most strange,” tells the story on Instagram by posting photos of masks, and safety distances. Then it’s time to celebrate. Is mom Michelle to describe her girl followers. “Little blonde in my… with that kind of face of an angel and that smile twist, we scrub all of… six was the last and fight daily to prove to yourself and to the world to have one more gear… and I have to say that this is true!!!”.

Michelle Hunziker with her daughters, and in the afternoon for women only… or almost

“YOUR SWEETNESS DISARMING” – “you were born with the grit printed on the face, and you are the real ‘panzer’ in the family”, says Hunziker, “great gifts for difficult historical period in which you were born. You can be a sweet disarming, in fact, just look at me with those eyes of blue you make me do what you want, and you always make everyone laugh with your funny expressions… love You my little girl! Happy birthday Cece.” Look at how grown up!GALLERY

Michelle Hunziker: “In love (and sex…) are from 10 and praise!” –