Michelle Hunziker, revelation shock: “the Women I know I know, I was beaten, too,” – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Michelle Hunziker confesses in this exclusive interview with the weekly today, and reveals that: “Women I know I know, I was beaten, too,” and continues: “it happened before I were to marry”…

Michelle Hunziker, the confession shock: “I Too have suffered blackmail sexual, and I have said so many no’s: if you give in, it’s your fault too”

WAYS TO SAY – and we say this so many times, “women at the wheel constant danger”, “women and oxen from your”… I wonder if these idioms, at the bottom, are a little bit true. Came from here, the interview of Michelle Hunziker. And she is one of the very few ladies of our show that could be a challenge as well, put on the pot with the spirit also private aspects while to show what is worth really certain phrases that we repeat without necessarily being sexist or troglodytes, but with a little bit of levity, because we have become accustomed to joke like this. Michelle has not pulled back, even when talking about his real life, the concrete, past and present, have come out of the things of which they had never spoken before now; as that, in the past, had experienced physical violence by a man. The everyday life of a person of flesh and bones, moreover, of a woman as the Winner that, perhaps, we assume we know, so we are used to seeing it on tv, or read of her, she has literally demolished the walls of certain common places, and of that which we knew. Between laughter and, just as happens in life, moments of strong emotion. Michelle, let’s start with the speeches risqué.

Michelle Hunziker with Tomaso, Aurora Ramazzotti with Goffredo: the Christmas party is sexy and… too much!

“WOMAN BAFFUTA ALWAYS LIKED” – is it true? Her husband Tomaso Trussardi, maybe when it happens that she is not perfectly “smooth”, is also attracted to the most? “Don’t give a damn give a damn if I shaved with the razor and he caresses your leg and makes you a scrub a natural. My husband is a perfectionist and crazy, but I can truly say that it is very much in love with me, the rest counts for little”.

Michelle Hunziker and the rumors of crisis with Tomaso Trussardi: “I Am jealous, hands down my husband!”

“WOMAN AT the WHEEL CONSTANT DANGER” – That driver is? A constant danger? To be sincere. “Since I have the escort, the stalker, guido little. But I am a pilot of exceptional. Are one that sits in the car, puts the music, and not give a damn give a damn traffic. Are super zen, I get angry and I do not even swear words. I like to drive. And I get angry a lot when men sfottono “ah, now you must do the parking”… Ask my husband, they are good also do the “drift”, the curves of drift, sideways. Of course only on the track, not for street”.

Michelle Hunziker and the offensive messages on the social. But you ride on… Watch the video against the haters, is hilarious!

“WOMEN AND GEESE TIENINE a FEW”, “a WOMAN is SILENT, LIKE”… – “a Woman who is silent, is happy family”. It inspires the common places, the “minutes” of the woman. She how is it, Michelle? “In nature, have a talk, and is the casino, but in our home talk and make casino everyone, even the dogs. However, over time I have learned to listen a lot. There are moments, for example when you are at the table with my family, or when I’m with my mom, which instead needs to communicate because it is often alone, which automatically became silent, and listening. Then I am also a woman who is silent. But it is not for this that like me (laughs, ndr)”. And men which look like more? “At the beginning everyone likes the casino, the fun. But then live badly, that it is also expansive, for example, for me it is natural to embrace the friends. So, in this aspect, I have learned to restrain myself a little.”

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“WOMEN do NOT TOUCH EVEN WITH A FLOWER” – we Now face a most sensitive issue. She has had bad experiences of stalking; but it also happened that someone would lift the hands? “Yes, it happened to me… the path to The Double Defense and I really did it because I experienced certain things. And I did it also because then I went well, life has given me many possibilities, and somehow I had to thank, to give something in exchange. Help 2 thousand and 2,500 women a year, are so many and at the same time, always too few, I can not do even watch the news now, the other evening spoke of a pregnant girl killed by her partner… Each of us, if we think, tries to do good where he has lived the experiences have lost a loved one to a horrible rare disease or cancer, and are committed to the research, and I am one who has lived very closely everything that is gender discrimination, and violence”. And when it happened to her, of violence, how fared? “Aside from the stalking, I never talked to the bottom of what I suffered. However, I can tell you that I know every detail, every single detail, and women can feel it, I…The credibility, when you do something, you have it because the people you “read”, you realize that you understand them really, and I know exactly what happens in the psychology of a woman who lives in a violence, for this, for me, it was crucial to talk about it, and helping women to exit from this vicious circle. Because, of course, you, at a young age especially, but also later, you can confuse this sick love for true love, justifying, always thinking that it is your fault, because then there is the autocolpevolizzazione. See, I know perfectly well what is the whole process of a woman who suffers violence”. We understand that you don’t want to go into details. “No.” We respect him. Tell us only if there was a before and an after, a moment in which he finally opened his eyes. “In the meantime, I exclude the husbands (Michelle has been married with Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti, editor’s note), so you know that you don’t belong, so no-one can think of them. The violence that I have lived, I have lived much earlier… What does she know?”. There was a moment in which it managed to say, “enough is enough”? Remember this? “I have always been the scope to look in the face, to realize what was going on in your life, even the bad things. And I have always taken my fair share of responsibility. It is not self blame. I just realized that if I continued to endure this violence, I would have been equally responsible for the violence. I said to myself: “You have to get out of this situation because, if not, it means that deep down you want to.” No matter how difficult it is to get out. You’re a victim. However, you should realize that you have to want you, to stop being a victim”. When you are alone it is much more difficult… “of Course.” She had someone that supported you? “No, I’m out. But a friend, a friend that will open your eyes and you say “look, this is not love”, definitely helps. It is true that often do not share with anyone… Who suffers the violence is a conspiracy, it is a shame, do not say. And to the others it is very difficult to realize. It is a vicious circle that for the first you, you have to decide to break up. Then you have to have the courage to seek help. And be careful, because it is dangerous. There are women who suffer for 20 or 30 years of violence. Become accustomed to its people that this is normal. Then one day you get tired. And those go out of your mind. For this, we Double the Defence put at the disposal of the lawyers, a woman should first know what are the steps to do, what is the safe way”.

Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi, five years of marriage: the never-before views of the ceremony and of the wedding banquet

“NIGHT LOST, AND the girl child” – AT this point, Michelle was not heard to say anything else, and we haven’t forced to respect. The interview is back on ways to say. And she has quickly regained its verve. Do daughters is a great effort, a waste of time. She has had three: have you ever felt a bit of disappointment on the part of their dad because he was not born a boy? “But zero! Eros was very happy, Tomaso even more. And also I have been very happy with them. A dear friend orthodox jewish told me that God has sent because he loves me, because the females always remain in the family, in the end always return by her mother. This also applies to me, with my mom. Are I, I, I take care of her, the cuddly, mi is easy. And also applies to Aurora with me. As for all the children, also comes to the females the moment you have to detach them, but then they come back. Of course, not deny that I would like to make the experience of clean up on the changing table a is like an eye, in short, to have a baby boy”. And in the cradle what would you put? An iron of plastic? “You know that I think God is really thinking of sending me a boy to put to the test my beliefs (laughs, ndr)? If a day were to come, would become a gentleman that’s crazy. Great stirerebbe him, as does my brother, Harold, who has always ironed all his shirts. For him is normal, he is a man very emancipated, lucky his wife… But it is my mom that she raised as well, so if a day really came from a little boy, surely he would have an iron of plastic. Next to the car, but everything with balance”.

Michelle Hunziker with her daughters Aurora, the Sun and the Heavenly: a day for women. Or almost…

“WHO TAKES an EEL by THE TAIL, AND THE WOMAN FOR THE WORD TIEN, AND NOTHING” – The woman would be unreliable. She is reliable, Michelle? “If I promise I keep, always, especially with my daughters. For a child, the word failure is terrible. With my dad, who had the problem of alcoholism, one of the worst things was to stay and wait for him with the backpack on the stairs of the house, to spend the weekend together, and he was not me”.

Michelle Hunziker with the daughters of Sunshine and Heavenly (and husband Tomaso Trussardi: this is a… kung fu mom!

“It’s THE WOMAN THAT MAKES a MAN a” – She has never made the success or the failure of any man? “I must say that I would not like to, nor the medal of the success nor the responsibility of the failure, I would not be so crucial in this aspect in someone’s life. On the other hand, with my husband we often say that we are the success of the other. He is very curious about my profession, and I in his, there is a great exchange, then it may be that I was the author of some battle he has won, to some success to my husband. But the maker of the failure, I sure hope not. And then I would like too that is made. For me, if you do not want to see your husband or your wife happy and accomplished, not love.”

Talks about Michelle Hunziker: “that’s why I ran away from Adriano Celentano. And why is Tomaso Trussardi is a completely different man”

“The MAN PROPOSES AND THE WOMAN HAS” – Who decides in the house? Or, to use another worn-out way of saying, “who wears the pants”? “We are two alpha, we want to decide the two of them. It is about what we scorniamo. If we are to organize a party, we are so passionate the two of them doing things, but also so different, that we seem to be Zeus against Juno. He always says that it would be much easier if one of the two was “zerbinato”, is it surrendered from time to time. It takes great patience to make things work. You know, I’m happy that the work functions, but for me the true success in life is to be able to build a family that goes forward in time”.

Talks about Michelle Hunziker: “I and Tomaso Trussardi we are trying for another child but just do not get…”-

“WOMEN AND OXEN from YOUR” – This even puts the women and the oxen on the same floor… “But that sucks, to equate the cow and the woman!”. But the best part comes now: “woman ridarella or saint or slut”. “Then I’m just the slut for excellence, because I laugh always! Are the labels of the absurd!”.

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The interview is over as well, with Michelle through the eyes of outside to hear him say certain things. But now, thanks to your help, these frasette have already proved their inconsistency.
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