Mimie Mathy retiring soon ? The actress made the point

At 63 years of age, it is little to say that Mimie Mathy is still in great shape. Since the 70s, the actress began to laugh at the French, first at the theatre with one-man-show and entertainment then on to the small screen. She is best known for her role of Josephine Delamarre in the series Josephine, guardian angel, broadcast on TF1 since 1997. For the fiction persists, Mimie Mathy did not even hesitate to cut his salary, which saw the departure of 250 000 euros per episode. “Rather than stop and put a team to the unemployment (…) I have largely dropped my tablet,and it has been divided by two“, revealing it in 2019 in the broadcast We Redid The Tv on RTL.

In the Face of so much success, and of work accomplished, the wife of mr Benoist has, therefore, been asked about a possible retirement in the new issue of the magazine We Two, published on August 18, 2020, for which it is to the honor. And for Mimie, the answer is categorical : “I could benefit from it, but it is not my thing, I too love what I do. I hope to grow old like Line Renaud. His secret is to be happy to live !”

The actress is part of it, as she is not tired of trays of shoots, despite the twenty-three years to embody Josephine Guardian Angel. “I enjoy so much to play a female firefighter or a teacher, a social assistance or a taxi driver”, she entrusted. In addition, she is regularly requested to appear in other series, such as Tomorrow belongs to us. This is an experience she réitérerait with pleasure. “J‘adore this series, I am an absolute fan and I accept totally“. It is also expected in the cast of the next and final season of Ten percent (France 2) at the start of the school and prepares a “project of mini-series, for the moment confidential.” The career of Mimie Mathie is therefore far from reaching its end.