Morandi lilies in the hospital also in Easter. That’s how it really is.

Morandi lilies in the hospital also in Easter. That's how it really is.

“I have burns on 15% of my body, they give me a cure,” says the singer, who will have to stay in hospital for another ten days at least. Morandan gianni reveals for the first time the gravity of his wounds. After a first hospital in bologna and the transfer to cesena, the doctors have reassured on his health conditions (guard.)

And in recent days has moved the first steps, on the notes of “Ragazzotti lucky”. And today reveals the severity of the wounds reported, with burns on 15% of the body, hands, legs and also an ear. So much is the pain that “when I change bandages I fall asleep”.

So he says to the rest of the carin, adding: “In the days, I’m getting more and more frightened. I think there’s someone who looked at me from heaven, I’m convinced of it.” The right hand at this moment is rather weak, I will have to do a lot of physiotherapy, it will take some time.

We must give her vitality, let’s say.” but the pain of the burns is still very strong and “without the help of the drugs you cannot resist”. For having an idea enough to think that “every two days I had a dressing. But the dressing is a very painful thing and you must fall asleep.” Probably, he says, he’s gonna have to stay in hospital for about ten days.