Morgan and silver Asian, love departs by surprise: “Let’s go back together”

Morgan and silver Asian, love departs by surprise:
© Gian Mattia D'Alberto - LaPresse 05-01-2012 Milano spettacolo X Factor - finale nella foto: Asia Argento, Morgan © Gian Mattia D'Alberto - LaPresse 05-01-2012 Milan X Factor's final in the photo: Asia Argento, Morgan

“I love you rotten, we do this madness,” she says. With a bet on their future couple…silver and morgan, a story of beautiful and tormented love, finite and infinite together: after years of passion, the birth of their daughter anna lou (today 19 years old,) scandals, reconnections (look,) legal battles, accusations and arrows, here they again together. At least, for now, on social media.

With a bet on the future: their return as a couple. Look at the photohistory of their tormented love – photohistory | video 1 | video 2 | video interviewI’m a sweet, dark dad with the third daughter, you’re an echo. And with the partner alessandra cataldo is back the serene… – exclusive“WHEN WE LASCIATES?” – “Why did we break up?”, he asks for anxiety rethinking their intense love story lasting six years.

“Because you, because I, because others,” says morgan. Was a violent, fragile, desperate love. Our love was as bad as time: True, beautiful, happy.

He was spying and we were spying on him…”. Wreath and silver asy, but then love really came back! Between movie kisses… and controversy – exclusive“I love you, Marco, let’s do this PAZZIA” – “I love you rotten, we have to get back together.

And I enjoyed when I saw you playing on tour with the Bluvertigo.” A declaration of love in great style, in short.