Mould, a painful convalescence: “I’m looking for my breath”

Mould, a painful convalescence:

The fight continues to die, a battle against the Covid-19 (the English variant) that he continues to share with his subscribers, on instagram. However, the aliya dad (born in 2015), ali (born in 2019) and aya (born in 2020) was terrashed by coronavirus. “I had made a reason to accept my death after my lungs were hit 80% after the Covid-19.

Your prayers, your love, your messages from all over the world that have reached my ears during my coma in resuscitation thanks to my wife whom I love so much. I can’t answer you directly because I’m going back into a long process to recover and walk without respiratory assistance. My love, my life, my wife, my children I love you so much.

So he must not leave a machine that helps him breathe and has the deadly body because of the last few difficult weeks. Nevertheless, he enjoys the chance that he has to be alive and does not intend to lower his arms. In my condition, it’s like graver the elevest, the slightest effort takes in crazy dimensions, I seek my breathing, to rebuild my lung tissue.

Every day counts and I will not let anything go until I’m restored. I’ve seen things in the chu, believe me, they’re not old people who’re in resuscitation. Tomorrow, it will have to be better than today in the efforts of my recovery.

thank you for all your messages of love and encouragement, when I’m in shape, I’ll tell you what I’ve lived from inside, from my long way to stay alive.