Moussa (Koh-Lanta 2020) and Governed by : Revelations on their discussion filmed

Regis was again at the heart of the criticism at the end of the episode of Koh-Lanta 2020 of 8 may. The candidate has once more been betrayed by Jessica, precipitating his removal. If he has changed his opinion, it is mainly because he has had a discussion discrete with Moussa. Revelations !

Remember, Regis had promised Jessica and Claude that it would vote against Alexandra, and that he would push Eric to do the same. Thus, the yellow (Alexandra, Naoil, Inès and Moussa) would be at a disadvantage and it could probably go further in the adventure. He felt indeed in danger in his “clan” and didn’t want to leave the adventure. Even if the two heroes were not serene, because he had already betrayed the first time by voting against Charlotte and Teheiura, a vote that changed everything and pushed towards the exit, they hoped that he kept his word. Yes, but here, Moussa felt the wind turn and therefore had a discussion in the middle of the night with the manager of a sports store. An exchange that has not been filmed, but that Jessica was surprised. “I saw Musa standing in the shade with Governed, in the process of whispering in the ear and checker in hand,” said the beautiful brunette infront of the camera.

When Moussa hosted a live Instagram the may 13, 2020, internet users will have so wanted to know what he was told, that Governed changes his mind suddenly. “That night, he told me the proposal of Claude and Jessica. I told him to go, maybe, talk to the girls to lance the abscess. It was thought to be the next to go out”, has thus responded to by the music producer. Remains to know if gary has made the right choice by following the strategy of the yellow. For the time being, he still has the chance to be part of the adventure and will give everything to qualify for the final.