Mylène Demongeot saved from Covid-19 by Didier Raoult ? “I told him thank you”

The decade begins to particularly harsh for Mylène Demongeot. It is simple, since the twelve strokes rang on the 1st of January last, she went on to the pips. Hardly recovered from his cancer of the peritoneum, the one that she has hidden from the world for long months, the actress has joined the list of victims of the coronavirus.

Out of the woods, she has only one certainty : if she is still alive, it is thanks to the very much maligned professor Didier Raoult and his treatment with chloroquine. “I’m ready to shout it out everywhere because I see it for the enquiquine as it is not allowed, she explained to Stéphane Bern at the microphone of RTL. But me, I owe him a life. So I say thank you, professor !” The star is not the only one to have trust and confidence in the treatment of the professor in marseille as the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi and his wife, Laura Tenoudji had also taken the choloroquine. For the time being, it is formally impossible to tell whether the treatment is truly reliable or not….

The actress was preparing to resume the service when the Covid-19 has decided otherwise. At the beginning of the month of march, Mylène Demongeot has joined the cast of the new comedy, Thomas Gilou – as to the origin of the three strands of The truth if I lie – with Kev Adams and Gerard Depardieu. But the experience was more brief than expected. The actress had to be admitted to hospital as an emergency and has thought she was living its last days. “They have me stuck in a bed, and there, the doctors were quite pessimistic. In fact, they could not see me through the week”, remembered in Western France.

It must be said that, despite his enthusiasm for the beautiful, Mylène Demongeot has been put to the test. She who fights for more than seven years against the “advisor of the heritage” that has arnaquée has found a new enemy that ruined his year 2019. Its cancer of the peritoneum. But, prudent, she had expected to be completely delivered from its evil, to accept to speak, appears with a new hair grey. “I preferred to take all the necessary precautions, expect to have two check-ups several months apart, before announcing that I was really output case,” stated the actress of 84 years. Hope that the result is, finally, more lenient to it…