Nabilla Benattia, re-operation breast : “It may be dangerous”

Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara will start soon on the adventure with their son, Milann (8 months). New projects on which the beautiful brunette of 28 years if it is assigned on Snapchat, this Wednesday 24 June 2020. Its subscribers have thus learned that she was going to have to have surgery.

Soon, the couple, who met during the filming of Angels 5 (2013) will be leaving Dubai for a time in order to fly to Los Angeles. Nabilla Benattia has a few papers to sign and, with Thomas, they are going to take the opportunity to visit the houses, because they want to buy one in the United States.

“I must also go there to undergo an operation. After the birth of Milann, I’ve had my milk comes in, a very big one. My chest was huge. And this milk has caused a problem in one of my implants. It is a little damaged, defective, so I have to go to the United States quickly enough to change my implants, because it can be dangerous if I let it like that,” said Nabilla Benattia. The young mother does not take the opportunity to change the size of his prostheses, such as the recent Fiji Ruiz and Astrid Nelsia. It simply wishes to replace them to not put his health in danger. “I had radios here and send them to the United States. One of them is a bit faulty and I can’t change a single on the two, as it may not be the same. I had redone my chest at the age of 18 years and that I had not done more evil than that, so I’m not afraid”, she added.

Nabilla then revealed that Thomas, Milann and she were going to fly to France for a fortnight to see their families. A moment that the former star of reality tv awaits with impatience, because his dad will finally be able to meet her baby. Finally, they will return back to Dubai and prepare their business to move to another house, by the time the (big) work in their cozy nest to do. Of the adventures that she has promised to share on social networks.