Nabilla, his night to be very complicated with Milann : “He suffered too much”

Mom for the first time in seven months, Nabilla is each day a little more surprised by his adorable little Milann. The toddler is in a full discovery of the world around them. In fact, he begins, for example, to move all alone, crawling, and even to make its first small mistakes as it revealed the beautiful brunette there are still a few days. Moments of pure happiness for the happy parents.

However, having a baby in the house is not always of any rest. Especially when he does his teeth. While Milann has found its rhythm, here’s that new tears caused by the teething disturb the serenity of his home. On Snapchat Friday 22 may 2020, Nabilla explained that they struggle to manage their illness. “Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. One night very complicated for me. My son has hardly slept, he woke up every two hours. He has very bad teeth”, she says, the mine tired.

It was not well

The former star of the Angels was nice to have tried all the known methods to relieve his son, but nothing worked, the pain is still there, to his great despair. “At the base I had bought a bracelet of teeth that take the edge off, but as it is a bracelet, it removes all the time. So there I have commanded a necklace. In any case, it was really bad, it made me really, he was suffering too. In the end, I woke up, Thomas woke up and we did not sleep because it was not well, he jumped up… And then even see it as it is, it is impossible for me to sleep. There, he rested for a bit, I hope that it will last for his strength because he has hardly slept all night.”

Later, Nabilla has appeared with Milann in the arm. The little boy seemed to have regained the smile. But the mom is not the end of his troubles with teething, as babies have 20 teeth ! Young parents should have a few days of respite before the release of the next !