Nabilla in tears : it expresses his biggest regret about his son Milann

This Saturday, April 18, Nabilla has appeared in tears in his story Snapchat. And for good reason, the young mother regrets that her son Milann, now six months old, has still not been able to meet his grand-father.

Nabilla has not the good mood. Saturday 11 April, the candidate is emblematic of the fifth season of Angels, currently being rerun on NRJ 12, has celebrated a significant moment in her life as a mother. “Today, my little boy is six months old, and I couldn’t hold back my tears. I am a mom filled “, could we read in the caption of a photo where his son Milann was laying beside a huge birthday cake. But it is in a particular context that the young woman has celebrated six months of her baby. Like many other cities, Dubai has also established a containment to limit the spread of the coronavirus. A forced isolation that the wife of Thomas Vergara was increasingly difficult to cope with.

Nabilla crying on Snapchat

This Saturday, April 18, Nabilla has expressed his grief in his story Snapchat. Away from his family, the young mother said that her grandmother, whom she is very close, he missed ” terribly “. “It had to come to Dubai but she can’t “, she lamented, before speaking about another being dear to his heart. “My father had also come to meet my son that he has still not seen“, she continued, trying somehow to hold back his tears. But she finally cracked. “I think there’s worst in life, but it is true that it gave me a little bit. I don’t know how long it will last here and I’m really tired. […] My father has not even seen my son and it makes me crazy “, she said in tears.

“It is a matter about which I feel truly at heart, that is why I am sensitive, but it is so important that my father meeting my son. Since he was born, it all went too quickly and my father was not able to come. This will be the best gift of all when they are going to meet, “said Nabilla. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from the absence of our loved ones in this very difficult period.