Nabilla surprise by an earthquake : big scare in the middle of the night

Big scare for Nabilla et Thomas Vergara. While the couple stays in Los Angeles where the young woman of 28 years has been made of the chest, in the night of Wednesday 29 and Thursday July 30, 2020, an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 and depth measured at 8.9 kilometres away shook the California. On Snapchat, the proud mother of the little Milann, born in October 2019, is expressed.

“It surprised us. It was sleeping and started to tremble in the room. Stuff have fallen to the earth, she told. It lasted not very long, about a few seconds, but frankly, it made me flipper. There was all that and started to tremble.” Visibly still upset by the shake, Nabilla has continued : “It’s been so long that I had not experienced an earthquake like that.” An episode that she will not soon forget.

In the hours that followed, Nabilla seemed, however, less panicked. The former girlfriend of Ayem Nour has even shown blagueuse, thinking Thomas Vergara that a new shock was felt in Los Angeles. A joke that has amused that she, her husband, being too tired by the back-and-forth between the concept hotel where she was staying and the place where Milann is kept.

If the brunette was amused by the situation, the reality is not so funny. The earthquake was felt at 7h32 in the morning precisely. A second tremor with a magnitude of 3.3 was felt in the aftermath. The earthquake, whose epicenter is located near San Fernando to two miles of Pacoima, has obviously not done much damage. This shake has, however, awakened the fear that a big earthquake occurring in the region. A recent study published in the scientific journal Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America indicates that an earthquake of high magnitude may well come to Los Angeles soon and cause a rupture earthquake of the San Andreas fault…