Nabilla to flower from skin : she falls into a trap that obvious to Thomas !

May 22, 2020, Nabilla had made a great discovery. With his family on Snapchat, the mother of Milann realized a strange fact : every woman in her family has a second name referring to a flower. Marguerite for his mum, Pink for his grand-mother Livia, Daisy , to her great-grandmother, Poppy for the following… The candidate for reality tv then then explained that her first name Nabilla evokes that of a flower (the desert) in Arabic.

Particularly proud to be part of a “family of flowers”, Nabilla arrived all perky alongside Thomas to go to bed, and asked him : “how do you feel what being married to a flower ? Do you like my family of flowers ? Our son, he is half flower and if it was a girl, one is obliged to give a small name of flower type Lilies”. Slightly exhausted by all of these evocations of floral, Thomas began to tease his wife. “Lily this is very nice, it is the first name of my ex in more…” he said, smiling. Always very jealous vis-à-vis her husband, Nabilla replied, very disgusted : “You’re serious, you talk like that in my snap ? There is laugh and laugh. That is what you’ve taken there ? You’ve had a momentum of madness there ?”

It is well you are going to sleep in the sofa

Laughing, Thomas said : “I’m in the shower you just make me** ch, I’m in the process of brushing the teeth you me emm***” I’m in bed and you’re still in the process of me em***. I can tell you em***.” before adding reassuringly : “You know very well that I don’t have a ex with the first name Lily. So you take the place I have the impression that I had you in my life.” Teasingly, he added : “I have the impression it’s been thirty five years that I’m with you” Happy, Nabilla replied, relieved : “It is well you are going to sleep in the sofa.”

How is it that we love it yet ?

Pensive, the mother of Milann then talked about his history with Thomas :”It was known eight years ago what more can be said ? How is it that we love each other yet ?” Always ready to provoke his wife, Thomas replied amused : “Will have to think of change I told you.” Happy and in love, Nabilla did not hear even more notes stichting Thomas and said, nostalgic : “in The beginning the course of 3 years we were too scared, we said love lasts three years. We had watched the movie we were scared and in fact we love it too. It is too best friends, one is too best lovers there is too much love in fact.” A mum who fell asleep peacefully, full of flowers, or rather, stars in the eyes.