Naomi Osaka : Criticized for her photos in a bikini, the tenniswoman replica

Thanks to social media, celebrities are closer to their fans, but they are also more exposed to criticism, teasing, and inappropriate comments… Naomi Osaka has recently been the sad experience : users complain that the tenniswoman to break her image of the innocent girl, by posting photos that are deemed sexy.

Naomi Osaka has more than 530 000 followers on Twitter. Sunday, July 26th, she has expressed her anger after reading the comments criticizing for their photos in a swimsuit. Pictures published by the athlete of 22 years on Instagram the 7, 19 and 25 July.

On the first photo, the Japanese poses in yellow bikini, lying on a sun lounger, enjoying a sunny afternoon. The same is true for shared photos then : the young woman poses in profile, wearing a jersey two-piece yellow and wearing braids white.

These images have generated amazing reactions of anger. According to some people, Naomi Osaka trying to get rid of an image of ado innocent, that follows since his surprise victory in the final of the US Open 2018 in the face of the icon of tennis Serena Williams, who had reacted very strongly against the referee.

On Twitter, Naomi Osaka has therefore reacted to the authors of these criticisms are unjustified. “I just want to say that the number of people who tell me in a comment to keep my ‘image of innocence’ and not try to be someone I’m not I care about the chips. You don’t know me, I have 22 years, I have been wearing swimwear at the pool. Why do you think that you can comment on what I wear ?”