Nathalie marquay scrambled with her lou daughter? “I had to tell him to leave my house!”

Nathalie marquay scrambled with her lou daughter?

Here are more than a year now that French are deprived of many of their small pleasures because of the coronavirus epidemic. Even some public figures are trying to brave curfews and other prohibitions such as Pierre-Jean chalençon, for example, and his clandestine dinners. For proof, she said she put her lou daughter at the door very recently.

“Personally, I’m extremely careful and I even had to tell my daughter to leave home! My daughter told me I’m 18, I’m doing what I want,’ so I said, ‘ok bah, you’re going to a girlfriend or you’re taking an apartment.’ I had to separate myself from my daughter and it’s been 10 days since I haven’t seen my daughter!”

On her social networks, the sparkling young woman who is freshly unmarried continues to share her good mood and her last madness as her recent hair change. Exit his brown hair, lou chose a new look in red tones!