New decree covid, reopening of the early gyms to 24 May

New decree covid, reopening of the early gyms to 24 May

With the new covid decree, which could be approved this evening changes the calendar of reopenings. The government, after the meeting of this afternoon’s directing booth, anticipated the reopening of some activities, for which the freeway was actually planned a little later. Moreover from 1 June Friuli-Venezia giulia, molise and sardegna pass in white zone.

One of the novelties also concerns the date of redistriction of the gyms, which according to the covid direction booth, will be anticipated to 24 May. According to the previous calendar of reopenings the gyms would be divided from the first June. The temperature will be measured according to the safety protocols in force at the entrance of the structures.

The distance between people cannot be less than two meters in the closed spaces; the distance can be reduced to one meter outdoors. It is also remembered that the dressing rooms are closed, so the sportsmen will have to arrive already clothes with clothes suitable for sports activity. As regards the swimming pools, the outdoor swimming pools are departed from 15 May; from 1 July, the swimming pool is open to the indoors, thermal baths and wellness centres.

But they were satisfied “for reopenings: from shopping centers to gyms, to get to all bars and restaurants from June 1″. The alloy plaudes to the “superamento of the curfew, that in the white zones will be reality already from the next days”. For other sectors, “from indoor pools to weddings and discotheques, we will work to anticipate reopenings and repairs”.

Incoming news also for restaurants: from 1 June it will be possible to have lunch or dinner in the premises even indoors. As anticipated you will have to wait again for discos and dance halls, both outdoor and indoor, which remain firm. While from May 22nd ok to the reopening of the ski lifts in the ski resorts, under the conditions indicated by the guidelines.

While games rooms, betting rooms, bingo rooms and casinos will reopen from July 1st. On the same day also the activities of cultural centers, social centers and recreation centers.