Nick Cordero’s death Covid-19 : the first tender words of his son Elvis

Amanda Kloots must now learn to live without her husband, Nick Cordero, who died after serious complications of coronavirus 5 July 2020, at the age of 41 years. Wednesday 29 July 2020, this yoga teacher has made a very sad state of affairs.

“Every day, as I try to accept his death a little more, I realize new things. Today, it was that I had lost our family. I lost my husband. Elvis has lost his father, but today, I realized that we had lost our family. We will never have these memories I’ve dreamed of since Elvis was born,” said Amanda Kloots, now mom solo a little boy of 1 year.

“It has been very hard. The pain of it all has begun to reach me. I’m trying to do something, and then all of a sudden, I stop and no longer moves, and I can no longer think or move. My belly makes me horribly ill, more than ever, she says. I share this with you today because I hope that someone can understand what I’m saying.”

This weekend, Amanda Kloots revealed that their son, Elvis was pronounced his first words and she even shared a video of this great advanced. When she asks him where is his father, the little boy points to a photo of his father and whisper, “just there”. “The fact that he will always know who his dad is amazing to me”, had even welcomed the mother of a family.

As a reminder, Nick Cordero died on the 5th July last, in the centre Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, where he was placed in intensive care for 90 days before succumbing.