Nicoletta and her loveettes: “I had a good time for 30 years.”

Nicoletta and her loveettes:

Renowned for not having his tongue in his pocket, nicoletta is one of these rare personalities with free tone, with cash and without wood tongue. In promotion of her book, she has multiplied the confidences with Paris, returning for example to her love life. In her work, nicoletta – of her real nicole graoni – looked over her shoulder to retrace her memories and her encounters, including that with jimi hendrix, legendary musician with whom she keeps “only good memories”.

When he came in france, she took him to the shops. “I never speak of my loveettes, by respect for my son [alexandre, born of his marriage with patrick ch-supports, ndlr] and my companion [Jean-Christophe molinier, ndlr]. I had a good time having fun for 30 years.

Of his new union, nicoletta said a little more but this time in the pages of both of us. You have to concrete, consolidate, make concessions, take care of the other. Nicoletta knows that she writes the last pages of her life and intends to live as quietly as possible.

In the last straight line of its existence, one must go to the essentials. I want my child and my companion to be happy,” she said.