Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) : Its coming out explosive on an air of Diana Ross !

The month of Pride events is definitely full of beautiful surprises ! Actress Nikki Blonsky, known for having interpreted the bubbly Tracy Turnblad in the 2007 version of the movie Hairpsray, chose this time period so special for the LGBT community+ for coming out of the closet. On Sunday 28 June 2020, on its account, TikTok, the actress 31-year-old shared a video in which she dances in her garden on a title of rigor of Diana Ross. “Hi, this is Nikki Blonsky, and I do my coming out !”, she wrote, adding a hashtag “Pride” in its text. Users who scrollent on TikTok are more caring than those who operate on Twitter. After having shared this sequence, Nikki Blonsky has received a lot of comments benevolent. “This is amazing. Thank you so much for your love and your support,” she added.

Side career, it is a little more complicated for the young woman. Despite the successful storming of Hairspray and that of its partners (John Travolta, Zac Efron), the career of Nikki Blonsky has never really taken off. In July 2011, he was even spotted playing the sales clerk in a shoe store to make ends meet month. She had explained that she was just four days of testing in the shop of a friend “to see what it was”… what the manager had denied the charge. “It would have had to come to work for us two or three days per week until the media grabs hold of the subject”, he said. A few weeks later, she obtained a position of makeup artist in a salon and revealed without embarrassment that he had to pay his bills, but that she did not abandon her dream.

After a year, I just looked at her and I said ‘Ok, bye !’

And actually, from its appearance very noticed in Hairspray, she appeared with a size of wasp in the series Ugly Betty and Huge, soon to be in the movie the Last Movie Star with Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter – ” Modern Family.” In 2017, Nikki Blonsky explained that she had not lived the way in which the hollywood industry had to be abandoned. “Sing and play, it has always been my dream, in detail-she. But I have the impression that I was left to fall. It is as if I was high, very high, at the top of a mountain, that I had everything that I had always wanted to. Then at the end of a year, I just looked at her and I said ‘Ok, bye !’, leaving me without ever explain to me how I was going to find down…”