No material social, Puglia, thousands of people dance with Bob Sinclair

Bob Sinclair was the star of the night of Gallipoli, in Apulia, but the public can not in any way maintain the spacing social. The evening that the French dj has held the Praja is the demonstration of a variety of things. First of all, the inability to organize a dance event, without thinking that maintain the spacing of the social is virtually impossible. The idea of dancing a metre away from one another, perhaps in coordination as if it were a Latin american dance, is a thing unthinkable. For this scandal, but up to a certain point, what happened during an evening held by well-known djs from across the Alps, and that in the Region of puglia is discussed already some weeks ago, when, in short, are distributed the evening dancing in the open air.

The public dances without spacing

In some of the stories posted on his page Instagram, in fact, you see, taken directly from the console, the pubblico pugliese dance and have fun without a space between the people. An image normal until a few months ago, but that’s because of the pandemic of Covid-19 is now becoming more and more rare. Thousands of people piled one on the other, dancing on the notes of the songs selected by Sinclair. Yet, according to organizers – who have already expressed on some of the criticism arrived in the last days – and of the Prefect, there is nothing wrong in what we see. It was the Prefect, in fact, to say that the events organized by the local are absolutely not in compliance and shall comply with the ordinance issued by the president of the region, Michele Emiliano, giving to this permission to proceed.

What says the ordinance regional

An ordinance in mid-June, regulates the entertainment of dancing in the open, a number of provisions that ensure that the public could enjoy an evening in complete safety, or at least in the maximum security possible. For this reason, were diminished, the people count per square meter, passing from 1.2 to 0.7, with the possibility of a return to the first data in the case of the curve, the epidemiological fit, was provided for the obligation of masks in the internal areas of the clubs, the pest control in everyday environments and, among other things, we read also: “Rearrange the spaces, to ensure the access to the venue in an orderly manner, in order to avoid mass gatherings of people and to ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter of separation between the users, with the exception of persons who, in accordance with the provisions in force are not subject to the distancing interpersonal; this last aspect pertains to the responsibility of the individual”.

The rules of ballet flats on clearance

In short, technically, at least for now, to the law, there is no problem and in the end it is difficult to understand to some people that a concert and an evening in the disco you can do when politicians do not make obstacles in organizing meetings and marches of protest in which there are neither distancing nor masks. For the Prefecture, then, in starting everything was ok, waiting to understand what has changed with respect to the precautions that you ask to respect on a daily basis. At this point, if the authorities consider that there is no problem at all for these events, it re-opens also the possibility of doing concerts with more people, then everyone takes their own responsibility.