Noemi, how much is lost! The singer in a bikini and flaunts many kilos less… and the best always

Noemi post his first photos in a bikini of the summer. And appears with several kilos less: during the lockdown, the singer, 38-year-old has lost and he also lost the bright red of her hair. But certainly not the nice smile and the usual determination of PRIVATE

Noemi with Anna Tatangelo (super sexy), Emma Brown and many other vips at the wedding of the “boss music” –

YOGA, BIKE AND FITNESS – Fitness between the walls of the house, yoga, workout, Tabata, cycling, as soon as was possible: so Veronica Scopelliti, in art Naomi, gave a turn to his silhouette in the weeks of isolation. And now, in the pictures posted on the social from the vineyard of family, shows off a toned physique and slender. “Days and days of tiring research, I have brought in the perfect location for the first picture to the theme of the summer”, he writes. “For the moment I would say that the beach can wait, in the vineyard, you are too good”.

Adele, the pop star (former curvy) celebrates 32 years old… slim and mini-skirt: never seen as well! –

BACK IN the STUDIO – “Finally, I’m back in my natural habitat. Sing to me, emotions are even stronger after these long months of quarantine,” says Naomi, portrayed in the recording studio for a new project. A bit like the pop star Adele, who has been shown to slim and mini-skirt, almost unrecognizable . “Am I,” reassures ironically, the fans. Not like when we saw it… very aged –

Noemi (as well as many other vip) appeared also… very aged! –