Novele borhinger : who is philippe rebbot, the father of his children?

Novele borhinger : who is philippe rebbot, the father of his children?

In 2004, novele bohringer met for the first time philippe rebbot on the shooting of the TV film the star of Belleville where he worked as assistant director. Actor, French director and scriptwriter, philippe grew up in the world of the 7th art since he is the nephew of the actor sady rebbot and the cousin of vincent elbaz. He began his career in 1998 by making his first short film in a blink of a glance with gérald faro.

From 2013, he moved on the other side of the camera playing in the film, we almost became friends then in Santa (2014) and hippocrat (2018). As a couple with novele bohringer until 2018, the actors had two children: pink and raoul (11 years old). At the time of their rupture, the ex decided to stage their separation in the film the blur love (exit in 2018).

In this film, novel and philippe tell us how they have managed to keep strong ties for the well-being of their children but also their new way of life a little special. Indeed, the couple lives “under the same roof” but in two separate spaces communicating by the children’s room. There was nothing leftinterviewed by the obs in 2018, the actors agreed to say a little more about their separation and the causes of their rupture.

You got one that wasn’t quite autonomous, the other that was cavalrying all over. “what really killed our couple is the daily life. Added philippe.

In any case, a crazy love now blur still binds deeply romance and his ex companion philippe rebbot.