Olivia ruiz : his ex mathias malzieu evokes his “secured character”, rare confessions

Olivia ruiz : his ex mathias malzieu evokes his

In the program the 20 favourite French singers, broadcast on the w9 channel, olivia ruiz arrived in 16th position. The former candidate of the star academy was able to discover the pretty words of several speakers including those of his ex-company, mathias malzieu. The musician and singer of the dionysos group is not frankly the genre to blossom in the media or run the worldlines of the show business then his confidences on his ex olivia ruiz were unexpected.

Interviewed by w9, mathias malzieu said the greatest good of the singer today, 41 years old. “at the time, I saw her get up a little bit at night, eat a piece of chocolate and go to bed. I told her, ‘but you wouldn’t be a little the chocolate woman anyway?’

”’, said Malzieu mathias. Olivia ruiz has managed to find her place in the musical landscape but, since 2016 and to our loving bodies she has not released a solo record. For her ex, she also had pretty words in 2020, on frank 2: “My first great love was mathias.

First great love conscious what, not first great love in freestyle hormonal mode and where you want lots of things that would eventually not be necessary”.