Orietta Berti, from the red Cavriago to Sanremo: “I will not have the votes of the mobile phones, but I like it on TV”

Orietta Berti, from the red Cavriago to Sanremo: “I will not have the votes of the mobile phones, but I like it on TV”

Icona pop is not exaggerated if we talk about Orietta Berti, a woman who had a life full of events and turning points that could have minarned her career, but that the love of people for her music has always kept afloat. His label, in the 1960s, made potential individuals listen to the workers leaving factories to choose what would be published. In Sanremo he arrives with “When you fell in love”, a song that defines classic to present a box in which he tells love, indeed loves, for animals, the sick and the homosexual.

Mrs. Berti, you are now a pop icon, Tommaso Labranca sealed this status, what effect does it make? Labranca wrote “Life according to Orietta”, a book born from a phone call followed by the whole biography written in his own way, with his irony. “In the village where Orietta Berti was born there is Lenin Square and in the middle, a bust of Lenin.

If you think you can’t believe it, they sing Offlaga Disco Pax in “Little Petersburg”. I am growing up with them and with this irony and in fact it feels when I go to Fabio Fazio, to say. It is a very young Sanremo, the other day Amadeus told us that he wanted it strongly.

How is it to return to Sanremo with this song… timeless? It’s a classic song. I told him to do what he wanted but I wasn’t in condition, figure if I go to think about Sanremo for how I was, but he told me that he would do it in March and that there was time.

I told him: “Do whatever you want” and after a few days he called me Amadeus to tell me they chose “When you fell in love.” I told him I was sick, I didn’t have a voice, and I didn’t know if I could do that song, and he told me there was time, so they convinced me. And it’s a good way to celebrate 55 years of career, right?

For example, I love a song called “I am the dog” because I love animals and sing this dog abandoned tale of this master who abandoned it. Look, to sing it, I had to try a lot, because in the middle of the song I couldn’t move on. A love songwriter, then.

Love is like a bright one, it has so many faces to illuminate. His life was full of turning points and adventures. At some point, however, telling what happened after Tenco’s death said that to save her was the people, those who kept listening to her songs in mass.

He was a quality songwriter, why did they choose the other? I never believed in that note there (find next to the body of Tenco, ed. ), the brother had called me to tell me: “I know where he is, I can assure you that my brother did not write that note, that is not his calligraphy.

He speaks to me, instead, of that poem by Evgenij Evtushenko, which says that “Mediterracy is unnatural, how unnatural is lies” from which his career is almost born? I fell in love with this poem by Evtushenko that I hand-copied, because she was not around, accounts that then there was no availability that is now. In his autobiography he writes that “it is not in my character to look back”, so what does Sanremo mean to her at this moment also in view of the future?

Sanremo is a showcase for years now, a great TV show, with the albums sell much less. It’s not like years ago, when even if a singer arrived last could become popular anyway, now it’s all based on television and cell phone voting. There is a piece of public, therefore, that only looks at television and has no modern means to vote.

She, over time, has rediscovered more and more a television character, making a breach there. This year I came back only after Christmas because I had to do, between book and box. Then there is this telenovela with Sanremo, with him who wants to disqualify me and sing the song there.

There’s a name you owe most of your career: Giorgio Calabrese. Then he always helped me, bringing me to record labels where I was auditioned, and then he chose me Philips, which made me engraved on Polydor label. But is it true that before they came out, they made their songs listen to the company’s workers to understand what they liked most and throw it as a single?

And I always sang the song that came before these votes. Which clothes will she go to Sanremo? Nic Cerioni will dress me up, I’ve known him for a long time and I’ve been working there for many years, he knows how to dress me up.

The last video we did a few weeks ago, with colorful dresses of plissé chiffon, beautiful, adorned with dyed jewelry. But for Sanremo he said that we change, always keeping the line soft, with colors less visible but brighter, with embroidery made with jewelry. Even when I saw the sketches I thought they were very beautiful, that is, if Lauro brought them into original, if a woman brought them to be elegant, and so it was.

We had to change the fabrics, however, because we should change to the hotel and go directly on the stage, so they chose fabrics that do not rub. Look, first we talked about Covid, you tell me, if you want to, how did you do it and how you do it now? I still have a few effects, once my toes have been attacked, they forked me, but they tell me it’s normal.

The other day I had a gland under my neck swollen, but they told me it was normal too.