Patrick juvet’s death: he had invented cancer and plunged into alcohol

Patrick juvet's death: he had invented cancer and plunged into alcohol

The world of music has been mourning since the announcement of the death of patrick juvet, former king of the disco with essential tubes like Where are women? The singer born in Swiss, who has been living in a sprawl for years, will be cremated into a small committee and his ashes repatriated on his native lands. In paris match, friends and collaborators spoke about his particularly difficult end of life.

The covid killed him in a small fire”, released michel algay, producer of the tender age tour. And above the market, his old demons had also come back for a while. “Since his mother’s disappearance, he sometimes called me, drunk, in the middle of the night (…) he had a fragile heart, damaged by excessive alcohol consumption,” said his friend michel dami.

He consumed white wine in the morning then red in the day and sometimes strong alcohols. But, in addition to alcohol and food, it was also the solitude that weighed him. “Operated two months ago, he said he had begun unbearable chemotherapy” for kidney cancer, assured he had learned his friend josie foichat, who had worked for castel.

But as the paris paris match explains, “a recent check-up the dementation.” Moreover, according to the first elements of the autopsy, patrick juvet died from the sequence of a cardiac arrest; expertise in the liver and heart should be established. A note that his Yann agent ydoux – designated executor will – announced the publication in the year of a final song recorded by patrick juvet.

Paris match, 8 April 2021 edition.