Patrick’s obsescoes: his agent gives details, the autopsy spoke

Patrick's obsescoes: his agent gives details, the autopsy spoke

Patrick juvet died on April 1, 2021, at 70. his lifeless body was found by relatives in his barcelone apartment while he had not given any news in a few days. His agent, very saddened by his death, lifted the veil on how to unfold his funerals and announced a news that will cheer the singer’s fans. The late artist, became famous in the 1970s thanks to his huge popular tubes Where are women?

And i love america, had recorded in recent weeks a song of his composition. The title will come out as expected, said Yann Ydoux, designated executor willary by the artist. Interviewed by the French magazine Sunday in 2010, the singer spoke about his will and legacy.

Patrick juvet was born August 21, 1950, in Montreux, but had lived between the france, the angleterre, the United States – financially helped at the time by his nicoletta friend – and the Espan. According to the first elements of the autopsy, the singer was taken away by a cardiac arrest.