Pauley Perrette (NCIS) : Racism, sexism… It denounces the dastardly Mark Harmon

After 15 seasons as Abby Scuito, a character adored by viewers, Pauley Perrette had left NCIS (CBS) in 2018. At the time, this departure had seemed hurried, impulsive. Since then, the american actress has several times discussed the reasons for his departure, denouncing the obnoxious behavior, racist, homophobic and sexist from his former colleague Mark Harmon (Gibbs). She explained to feel in danger, because she had been the victim of numerous sexual assaults on the part of the actor. But despite his testimony, the history repeats itself.

The producer Peter Lenkov, who worked on several sets of CBS (Hawaii 5-0, MacGyver…) was fired after several complaints. Proof that nothing has changed since the assault of the actress by Mark Harmon. An article in Vanity Fair now reports that Lucas Till, the lead actor in the remake of MacGyver, had suicidal ideation because of the way Peter Lenkov treated.

What to do enrage, rightly, Pauley Perrette. It must be said that her attacker, Mark Harmon, is still in the casting of NCIS. “Great article in Vanity Fair. I was aware of it for a long time. Some words are exactly what I have said and so many times to CBS about another man, I was harassed for over a decade. But you continue to hire and to support it in my old series. Once again, we prefer money to morality, said she, in a series of tweets published on July 21, 2020.

“Why is it still there ? I don’t have an answer (…) He said things so racist, so misogynist and so homophobic and cruel on the shelf and I’ve never talked about it because it is so hurtful. You ask, why am I part of ? These producers are still there. All. Including him,” said Pauley Perrette, referring to Mark Harmon in not citing that its initial.

More than 48 hours after this series of tweets, CBS has still not deigned to respond to his former stage actress star.