Pekin express 2021 : Pierre-Louis et arnaud eliminated, Rose-Marie… mord cinzia

Pekin express 2021 : Pierre-Louis et arnaud eliminated, Rose-Marie... mord cinzia

The pekin express 2021 adventure continued despite the terrible car accident in which aurora and jonathan were involved. On April 13, the four still in competition gave everything to qualify for the semi-final. This eighth stage was marked by the famous red flag.

christophe and clear, Pierre-Louis and arnaud, Rose-Marie and cinzia then florent and choël had to compete in a paddle race. Catalan colleagues were the first to go to the paddles for two kilometers of crossing and as usual, they quickly lost patience and fought. The party brothers were not much more gifted than their friends and thus chained down the fall.

On the other hand, thanks to the advice of his daughter, christophe quickly found stability and made his paddle move forward. During this time, cinzia did not manage to eat the last food and thus made it waste a considerable time to its duo. To disconnect her mind, she asked Rose-Marie to hurt her by typing her and biting her.

Then direction the meke volcano 462 kilometers to be among the first three qualified to compete for the immunity test. Cinzia and Rose-Marie arrived in first place. They were followed by christophe and clear and Pierre-Louis and scam.

Rose-Marie and Cinzia first semifinalistsa karapinar, all the binômes then sought a place to sleep. Rose-Marie and cinzia have listened to aya nakamura with two little boys. The next day, christophe and clear, Rose-Marie and cinzia and Pierre-Louis and snaud competed for the last immunity test of the season.

A candidate of each duo had to be balancing (Cinzia, clear and Pierre-Louis) and the other runner (Rose-Marie, christophe and srnaud). If the answer was fair, their team-mate could move forward with one step on the course composed of five more and more narrow steps. In the event of a fall, you had to return to the beginning of the course.

Surprise, christophe did not remember his daughter’s second name, which made everyone laugh. Final duel and eliminationthe new race was animated because of the presence of the red flag. The first pair to take it could keep it until the end of the stage.

To immobilize opponents for fifteen minutes when the duck that owned it crossed them on foot or by car. It was simply enough to agitate the object and pronounce the names of the competitors. Direction the castle of uçhisar at 234 kilometers in the hope of winning an amulet of 10,000 euros and a place in semi-final.

At the elbow, Pierre-Louis and scam and clear and christophe fought to have the red flag. As Rose-Marie and Cinzia were already qualified, it was ex officio Pierre-Louis and arnaud and florent and Christmas who played the final duel. Pierre-Louis faced florent.

They were to go to a pottery workshop 14 kilometres to carry out a mission: to reproduce a fairy chimney (porous rock columns formed by erosion). The son of afaud’s brother succeeded first, but his driver dropped it before the end on the return unlike his competitor.