Pekin express 2021, the fatal accident: aurora and jonathan taken to the hospital, Pierre-Louis and arnaud remain

Pekin express 2021, the fatal accident: aurora and jonathan taken to the hospital, Pierre-Louis and arnaud remain

New stage in pekin express 2021. the binomes still in competition have arrived in turkey, the last country of adventure. Last week, Pierre-Louis and arnaud believed they were eliminated. But surprise, stéphane rotenberg told them once at the hotel that they were “hidden team”.

So they did everything so that the other candidates would not see them throughout the race, during the episode of April 6. Each binome was to take an anchovies, go to the market near the place where they were and negotiate for something more expensive. And then they had to find another object even more expensive and so on.

The goal was to have 30 Turkish pounds to cross the izmir bay. Once everyone left, Pierre-Louis and arnaud found stéphane rotenberg. They learned that they had to arrive in the top 2 at the end of the stage, without being spotted.

Nevertheless, the party brothers were not very reassured, for they were afraid of being seen by their competitors. To camouflage, they covered their red backpack with a trash bag, put caps as well as sunglasses and visors. All the candidates, except Pierre-Louis and arnaud, were on the same boat.

So it was the sprint to join stéphane rotenberg. Unfortunately for him, Christmas took the straps of a barrier and lost precious minutes without his binomial seeing it. Nevertheless, he managed to get past everyone again and thus allowed his team to win the race.

So they were able to enjoy a day in a hotel and were qualified for the immunity test. Rare moment for aurora and jonathanfor the new race, direction hierapolis at 226 kilometers. Before leaving, the binômes decided to wait for Pierre-Louis and scam at the exit of the boat to try to catch them.

Christophe and clear, aurora and jonathan then Rose-Marie and cinzia made a stop to go to destination, without failing to check if they did not see the hidden team. The father and the girl came to the head, followed by Rose-Marie and Cinzia. And aurora and jonathan had the chance to live a rare moment.

They found refuge in a rotating derviche, name in reference to their dance called samā, whose movements recall those of a toupie. Pierre-Louis and arnaud for example attended the meeting between two families whose children were going to marry. If they were to fall, then the contents of the bucket were to fall on them and it was the elimination.

It was finally Rose-Marie who offered the victory to his duo after more than an hour and a half effort. An accident that changes everythingLast race for the binomes. The first team to join stéphane rotenberg was qualified for the following week.

If they wanted to escape the final duel, we had to catch Pierre-Louis and scam. While one of his drivers had a problem with his car, he forgot the test and stayed with his wife to help him. A motorist who came in the other direction hit their car full whip on the side of the beautiful blonde.

The latter was therefore wounded in the head and her husband went out indemnity. The two candidates, their cameraman and journalist were taken directly to the nearest hospital. The motorist died as the beautiful homage to the end of the episode has specified.

The race was interrupted as long as aurora and jonathan complete their exams. Stéphane rotenberg finally announced to the participants that they remained in observation. Aurora and jonathan wanted to give their three christophe and clear amulets.

Given the circumstances, Pierre-Louis and arnaud remained in the competition despite their failure. For the continuation of the adventure, they wished to honor their friends from the north.