Pepe Muñoz : The dancer, Céline Dion more in love than ever, Brayden

It is the month of Pride ! to celebrate love in all its forms, the men, the women are shown with their tender love on the social networks – as in 2020, there is always the risk of being insulted, hit, or murder if we do it in the street, and even in France. Pepe Muñoz, the famous dancer, Céline Dion, has lent the game of sweet returns online. On his account Instagram, the Spanish choreographer has shared an adorable photograph on which he takes the pose with his companion, Brayden Newby. Really, between the two sports, it is solid !

It was long believed that Pepe Muñoz loved another. For weeks, the beautiful young man is displayed on the arm of Celine Dion, at the airport, in the streets, in the front row of Fashion Week. And for good reason : they have been working together for years, and the choreographer has supervised every move of the recent Courage World Tour. From this collaboration a friendship was born alive, that fact that the duo never hesitates to give the hand, to cuddle in public, regardless of the noise corridors. But since July 2019, this is another dancer who beat his throbbing.

Remember : Celine Dion, well and unmarried, had had to calm everyone by coming out of Pepe Muñoz in his place. “Pepe is gay, had she told the television. I think some people didn’t know in the beginning. This is my best friend. We dance together. He has done so much for me. He just held my hand, something that I had not been right for a long time. (…) People really thought that it was a romance. He has done a lot for my mental health, my spirituality, my strength.” Once things are made clear, the beautiful dancer was able to live his life as he would. A best friend multirécompensée and a love as beautiful as a heart… we have seen worse !