Philippe edouard, 6kg less before becoming prime minister: “I was caught with a big anxiety”

Philippe edouard, 6kg less before becoming prime minister:

We’ve seen him on television for a long time! Since the transfer of power to matignon between Philippe and castex jeans, on July 3, 2020, the former Prime Minister had been discreetly in the media. But it was by love of the letters that he accepted the invitation of the Laurent delahousse, on frank 2, in the program 20:30 on Sunday.

“yes, I’m not saying that so I can be complained, he explained on frank 2. I was taken from a very big anguish, panicked fear, and which resulted in the fact that I had a lot of trouble eating. But I think that all women and men who understand that something important for them is going to happen can experience a form of fear.”

Three intense yearsToday, of course, life is quieter. Philippe edouard gave his place to castex jean. “I loved it very much,” he said, “but he said about his role as prime minister.

When you have the chance, the honor, to be in a position for three years, with what you know to do, to help advance the country. I left without feeling really free of it, but without nostalgia either. What I do today, I love it too.

I’m at the manettes in my city, the one I love, and it’s also very fulfilling.”