Pierre-Jean chalençon : “poisson d’avril” ? his lunar defense regarding clandestine dinners

Pierre-Jean chalençon :

Pierre-Jean chalençon is in dirty sheets. After the broadcast of a M6 report in a hidden camera within his Parisian residence of the viven Palace, the collector had eventually admitted that he was the person at whom the images had been shot. While he says he never organized clandestine dinners – he was accused of having received the help of a chef, paid menus to the key – the chain unveiled a new, overwhelming extract in the aftermath.

Nothing does it, it maintains by the negative of such practices. On Monday, April 5, Pierre-Jean chalençon reacted by audio in the footsteps to my position. “We were a couple of people at this party.

There were nine people who fought in duel and on the whole evening, which ended at 10:00. When I invite people to my house, I’m inviting them and I’m not asking them to pay,” he said. In fact, the host alex goude was wrongly accused of having dinner with Pierre-Jean chalençon in a clandestine setting while it was a professional dinner, with a meal purchased outside and of course without presenting his blue card at the end of the evening.

This Tuesday 6, Pierre-Jean chalençon repeated the word on bfmtv to deliver his version of the facts. “it’s the biggest fish in April of the last ten, fifteen or twenty years. It was a huge April fish that walked, I didn’t think it would work that way.

(…) what happened is that I am a napoleon specialist and 1st and 5th May we will celebrate the bicentenary of his death. I decided this year to organize events in the Viven Palace and elsewhere [his collection of objects ready to china, has just been restored to it, ndlr.] Following the pandemic everything was stopped and so I decided with my team to organize lunches or dinners Napoleonian or visits to the Viven Palace [he said to have received the press to evoke this last week Maybe a dozen…

Pierre-Jean chalençon, who said he had received requests from individuals and companies for visits to the palace, would he have already organized some lunches or dinners before even the end of the sanitary restrictions? Pierre-Jean chalençon, on his statements filmed by M6 on the supposed presence of ministers at clandestine dinners, spoke of humour and reiterated that this never happened. “Of course, I’ve never organized any clandestine evenings, especially not with ministers!

Or trying to use my name or image to bring the government down.” While the members of the government, from schiappa to attal gabriel, reacted and denied the participation of some of them in such dinners, the minister of the gérald darmanin interior did not hide his anger against Pierre-Jean chalençon. Guest of europe 1, he said: “These clandestine restaurants are anti-citizen acts.

This gentleman slit lied and then retracted to make a false advertisement, but an advertisement that could cost him dear. The rumour that he launched on ministers continues to exist and undermines the foundations of democracy. ” An investigation was opened and entrusted to the brpd (brigade of repression of crime against the person) of the leaders of endangering the lives of others and concealed work.

In my position, cyril hanouna said that Pierre-Jean chalençon should soon be placed in police custody, his laptop seized and his palace searched!