Pink tells her descent to hell, cocaine and alcohol. before he gets out for his son

Pink tells her descent to hell, cocaine and alcohol. before he gets out for his son

The guest of the show begins today, on the 2nd of April, 2021, rose came back on his real descent to hell a few years ago. Surprisingly by a dazzling success following the release of her first album the list in 2006, the singer told that she had sombered in alcohol and drugs, before finally getting through with her son. As I feel my place is a little stolen and I live in a musical environment.

I get out a lot, I’ve always loved to go out in the evening (…), first affirmed the 42-year-old interpreter. From there I said, ‘I have to find another place, I have to show that I’m rock’n’roll (…). I started being the girl who never wants to go back in fact.”

Rose then confided having started to consume cocaine, in addition to alcohol that “was present since the beginning”. We no longer vomit, we no longer hunger, because obviously there was a problem with the food also, present from the beginning (…). If at first the hangovers were not so unpleasant, not so glaucos, later the descent turned out to be monumental according to the singer.

Then begins the famous “descente aux enfers” and pink remembers not having been able to do anything anymore, nor even cooking pasta to his son (born in 2011). Hospitalized on several occasions, the star finally got a click by imagining her orphan son, deprived of her mother. First helped by anti-depressants, rose eventually rose up, opening eyes and reconnecting with its surroundings.

“when one feels life in oneself, while one feels so close to death, one never wants to let go, then we do everything for”.