Posted : Booba clashe violently the series, Franck Gastambide responds to him

“Without disrespect to all those who have participated in this series, we risk not to see me.” Here’s what Booba wrote on his account Instagram, the 10 may 2020, in response to a newspaper article about the season 2 of Validated (Canal+ Series) with the tagline “Imagine Booba in the series or even Kaaris !”

The opportunity to B2O to give his opinion on the series of Franck Gastambide. “Once again, it is the recycling of bobo in lack of thrills ! They were already denied the right to use our hit Validated,” says Booba. A role in the series, very little for him, unlike his enemy Kaaris he sees it well “in a pipsqueak role of balance sodomite non-binary satanist who starts to rap at the age of 32, but was afraid to face the reality of the street because his locker is a virgin, and he is working at Foot Locker,” adds the artist.

“It would have been awesome whether he is in Validated…”

Of passage in Clicks (Channel) Monday 11 may 2020, Franck Gastambide has responded to the criticism of Booba. “It is very hard to make a series that is going on in the middle of the rap. It is very hard to please everyone. Therefore, Booba has completely the right to think what he wants and not to have loved at all. (…) It is the reality joins fiction. That is to say that we are doing a series that talks about it, of peaks, of clashes, of the trouble, jealousies, wars of ego… And then it was Booba Miami who sends us a small peak !“, explains the director.
“Then a few hours later, he announces the release of a playlist that is called Validated. It is an idea that one would have to have for the series, so I think it’s great. And I love Booba, it would have been awesome whether he is in Validated, it is not Validated, it does not mean that Validated is a big success, season 2 is on the way. At the time we speak, there are some famous platforms, which are in the process of negotiating the rights for that now I live abroad, so it is a huge success, without Booba”, is happy there.

Booba has actually released a playlist surprise titled Validated Monday night at midnight. It contains the title of an unpublished JAUNÉ, and several artists, S. Pri Noir, Dinos via Vald, Kalash, and even… Damso, with which it is supposed to be in the clash.