Pow3r on call of duty warzone cheater: “To fight 100% is difficult”

Pow3r on call of duty warzone cheater: “To fight 100% is difficult”

Last May 10 the Italian call of duty warzone landscape was shaken by a video of giorgio “Pow3r” calandrelli, famous streamer and pro-player of the fnatic group. This is not an isolated case: the problem of cheating and stream sniping is tackling communities of competitive video games, including warzone. We had the opportunity to confront ourselves directly with pow3r about the story and the future steps it intends to do.

Can you explain what stream sniping is? How is it exploited by cheater in warzone? This is a phenomenon that is found in any online game, not only in warzone.

Practically, those who are the viewers of the live look for the streamer in turn to find themselves in the same game. Positive because there are many guys who in the games hate stream sniping to make funny content. Negative because it is oato come cheat: the so-called tricks, to say it to Italian.

Among other things, this phenomenon is growing more and more in Italy, because it was not so before. What usually happens: groups of ten, twenty, thirty people start at the same time looking for the streamer in the game not to allow him to play. There are ways to avoid sniper streams and cheater, for example by starting the live, or by blurring the screen during the game.

The problem is that I have tried to oate these methods in recent days, however, despite this, I have nevertheless met these people. Why the idea of a hashtag to fight the problem? For us in Italy it is difficult to make us feel by the companies, unless he is an internationally renowned person to move.

Especially in the context of video games, it is a very important social because it allows direct contact with the brand. In fact I spoke of it as well: I was very surprised, also because much of this support came from communities that are outside of call of duty. People who do not play warzone, but have experienced the problem of stream sniping in their game, have exposed themselves.

The problem however is that many are suffering from this cheating thing, which is spreading to oil stain. They ask: “Why do I have to play on such conditions that I don’t enjoy anymore?” The company that does the veci of activision, which is called hk strategies, contacted me saying that they saw what I did and said.

Now we are trying to organize a call or an office meeting to discuss together some solutions. Because as I said I do not want to talk to activision for a personal problem with stream sniping and cheating, but to talk about those that are the ways to fight these phenomena. In recent days, something similar to my, smaller, we say, has happened to streamers, however, more important for call of duty at international level.

The cheater found in their streams on twitch and youtube were banned just during the live. To them also answered raven software [team of development behind call of duty warzone] on twitter, while we brancoliamo practically in the dark. After your release of the video on the blackmail of cheater, were you still bothered by them?

The problem is that now cheating is hurting other content creators, streamers, other than my colleagues. Solved the problem in warzone, the phenomenon of cheater remains present in the panorama of competitive games. Fighting the problem of 100% cheating is difficult, because as a phenomenon can be a little like crime in general: It’s not that if the police are there, the crime disappears completely.

However, more control, a better anti-cheating system and more communication directly with those who work at the game can decrease the problem. I take the example of some games: valorant exploits a very invasive anti-cheat system, but now the amount of cheater is ridiculous.