Prince william, future king instead of charles? it is “the first choice and from far”

Prince william, future king instead of charles? it is

Would a crime of majesty lèse against the worthy prince charles be happening? Waiting for the throne since (very, very) many years, the son of Queen Elizabeth ii sees his coast of popularity decline to the benefit of his eldest son, Prince william. 47% of the interviewees want to see william be crowned instead of shingles and only 27% of the people want charles to rise one day on the throne.

You have to admit it, Prince william is much more attractive than his father. It thus attracts a majority of the women’s vote: 55% of the women interviewed trust that they prefer the Prince william as the next monarch of Great Britain. “it is obviously not a decision of the british public, but the Prince william is the first choice, and by far,” tweeted joe twyman, director of this study.

The popularity of his brother, the prince harry, has taken a big blow since his decision to leave the royal family. His coast to the British youth is on the rise, as 23% of under 24 years old would like him to be crowned against 21% for his brother william. In addition, one in five under the age of 24 (19)% would like the pure and simple abolition of the monarchy.

More surprisingly, 8% of under 24 years old would like to see Prince Andrew crowned (when he was dismissed from power because of the Jeffrey epstein case in which he was quoted).