Prince william now “easy at ease” when he calls his harry brother: this risk he fears

Prince william now

In the midst of various and varied rumours, one thing is certain: the relationship of the prince william and his harry brother has greatly suffered from megxit. Even before the departure of the monarchy’s sussex in March 2020, the two brothers had already taken their distances, yet they were so accomplices since their tumultuous childhood. Seeing her younger man entrusting herself to their tense relationship with journalists doesn’t work out for william.

The Duke of Cambridge would now be apprehended to call his little brother gone to live in california a year ago. Following the interview truth of the sussex with oprah winfrey, broadcast on March 7, 2021, william and harry had had the opportunity to exchange remotely. In addition to the Channel, the Prince william would hardly have liked to see his personal exchanges with his brother – in the midst of a royal (and family) crisis – mentioned on American television.

According to this informant, the popular heir to the cornerterre throne “is now feeling uncomfortable” with the idea of talking to his brother.