Refunds Paul McCartney, leave the legal action against the voucher

The question of vouchers and refunds for Paul McCartney arrives in Court with various players. Among these are the Codacons, which by weeks bring forward, with the other associations of category, it is a battle against D’alessandro and Galli, the organizers of the concerts that the former beatle would have to hold in Naples and Lucca, and then there is another class action announced by the avvocate Francesca Menconi and Christina Adducci. As is now known, in fact, because of the pandemic of Covid-19 in the field of live events is the one who first closed the doors with a lot of concerts that have been cancelled or postponed, waiting to understand what would have been the situation in the summer. One of these was that of Paul McCartney, which became a symbol of a battle against the voucher. According to various Decrees of the emergency approaches approved by the Government, in fact, anyone who has bought tickets to a concert canceled because of the coronavirus will not take back his money, but a voucher, a voucher card to spend for the next 18 months for a series of concerts organized by the same promoter.

Why don’t you reimburse the ticket for McCartney

In short, if you’ve spent hundreds of euros for the concert of Paul McCartney do not them get back, but you will be obliged to spend them for other concerts (also cumulandoli) for 18 months from the approval of the last Decree. A way, in the intentions of the legislator to protect the agencies for promotion, but that it creates a damage to the customer. In a period as difficult as the past many would have preferred to use that money spent in another period for other things, or simply those who have spent hundreds of euro’s to see Paul McCartney has no interest in spending it to see other artists. To Fanpage.en the promoter Mimmo D’alessandro explained that in the end money remained in the hands of the customer in the form of good, but even the English singer is the idea of the justice of this option. Last June 10, the day on which he would have had to perform in the Piazza del Plebiscito, in Naples, in fact, Paul McCartney has published a note of flint vis-à-vis Government, Assomusica and organizers: “it Is really outrageous that those who have paid for a ticket for a show may not get their money.

The Codacons against D’alessandro e Galli

The Codacons, has announced a cause, citing in court, through the Giuseppe Ursini and Domenico Terracino, the Of and G. srl: “The association – which represents all of the viewers fall short by the legalized scam of the voucher as the only form of refund for events cancelled – has decided to resort to the Court trying the first suit on behalf of hundreds of users who have spent money for the concert, considered by music enthusiasts a unique and unrepeatable event, and who find themselves now obliged to use luncheon vouchers to use for the shows to which they have no interest,” reads the press note that he cites, among other things, “art. 1463 c.c. – that is, how to, in contracts with corresponding obligations, the portion for the impossibility of performance is due not to ask for the consideration, and must return that which has already been received, according to the rules relating to the recovery of overpayments, ( … ) Adhering to these principles is evident that the buyer, in the event of a refund request for shows that were cancelled, has the right to receive the equivalent of the performance you paid for the event to be deleted, and are worth nothing to the provisions of the Decree Care Italy on shows deleted, that fall, inevitably, in Court, being contrary to the principles laid down by the Supreme court,” concludes the List.

Class action to get the refund

Another legal action, however, starts from Lucca and will be brought forward by the avvocate Francesca Menconi and Christina Adducci and it’s always against the D’alessandro and Galli sas: “our collective action is established in the interest of those who have purchased a coupon for one of the two events in the program (Naples, June 10, 2020 – Lucca Summer Fest, June 13, 2020) and, as a result of the cancellation of the concerts for the covid-19, we have seen, to propose as the only solution to refund the voucher. We intend to protect the interests of each party so that it can be paid on the refund, in economic terms, of the price paid for each coupon purchased,” and also in this case, citing the art. 1463.