Regis (Koh-Lanta) eliminated : “the need to be wary of Claudius” (EXCLUDED)

Friday 22 may 2020, a new episode of Koh-Lanta was broadcast on TF1. An episode crucial since not one, but two candidates are eliminated. First Eric to be the result of a test, and then Governed in the Council. Then he thought to be saved, Claude has returned to the situation by using its two votes against him. It was a contrast to that assumed after that Regis is played by Jessica and Teheiura, allies of Claude. Interview.

You are eliminated to the gates of the final, that is what you feel at that moment ?

I was very angry because there were really two places that I didn’t want to, it was from at the first Council, and from the last. We say that we have done all that for nothing, so I was very angry with me, in fact. Even if it turned against Claude, I’m angry against me because I have spent my time to say to my comrades of the adventure that he had to be wary of Claude and I left my fate in his hands like a fool and with the result that we know. My output, I will not do that to me and I am very angry with myself.

Do you consider the double vote of Claude against you as a betrayal ?

At the time, yes completely. He had assured me off-camera that he would not vote against me, so I took for granted what he told me. But I am very well placed to know that in Koh-Lanta, the promises are worth two minutes and that after that, they are already parties. And me, I trusted that, it is my fault.

You do not understand the point of view of Claude, which you eliminate to avenge Teheiura and Jessica. With the benefit of hindsight, do you understand better to his reaction ?

More for Jessica that Teheiura because I think he was glad that we take care to eliminate Teheiura, who was an opponent extraordinary for him. After that, it’s part of the game. You may find it unfair, but it’s part of the game.

Him in do you want today ?

No, once the show is finished, when I saw Claude, the first thing I said, is that at the time, I was very angry with him, but there is no hatred, I do not want. It was taken in the arms, and then back to real life simply.

Do you to your fellow ex-yellow, Naoil and Alexandra, for having voted against you in the last Board ?

Alexandra, it was between her and me, so obviously, it was only his skin to defend himself, and then Naoil has made his choice in his soul and conscience. I can’t blame him for that. We knew we would have a choice to make, what was not expected is that the cog Claude starts between the five of us. It would have been necessary to eliminate before, we would have had to think otherwise.

You have twice played Jessica… Why ? Was this premeditated ?

The first time where one falls on the pairings, I was the emissary yellow. From my position, I was able to find out if Teheiura and Charlotte had a collar so we had to make a bluff on that one, because the idea was to tell Jessica that she and I were in danger. And so as to orient the votes to push out the clamps and thus prevent the elimination of Eric and Alexandra. But on the second shot, it was not a bluff. With just the race of the pairs, I found Jessica, we had never spoken more than that, and during this episode which lasted for three days, we discussed a lot and I discovered a real nice person. She told me a little bit of his life that has not always been easy. And so I have a real feeling for Jessica at this time. When I hit him in the hand, there is no back thoughts.

You were entrusted to have changed his mind and voted against Jessica after an argument about the fire. But that night, Jessica has seen you discuss with Moussa… to change Your vote wasn’t it already released in the morning ?

In the night, I discussed with Moussa and I tell him that I don’t want to eliminate Jessica, I remain on Alexandra. And he said to me, ‘do what you want, however don’t tell girls that you to me have told, I will do as if I didn’t know.’ And the next day, we wake up and the fire is extinguished. It was the event of the day. A given moment, Jessica said to the others while I’m not there : ‘I’m sure he did it on purpose to put me in the hard.’ To me, it comes me to repeat it, so I’m going to see her to ask how she can think that. Especially with the previous Joseph. When you see it on tv, it’s very funny, but the way how you told us, it was far from funny. So for me, it is almost an insult, and I tell him ‘listen, if you’re able to think that, to me, is that you have nothing understood who I was. So sorry I will vote against you at the Council’. When the Council, she knows that our agreement no longer holds.

If you had the opportunity to change some of your choices in the adventure, would you ? If yes, which ones ?

It is difficult to answer this question, because the decisions you take on the time T and the smallest grain of sand can take incongruent proportions. I would not be able to say what I would change because you have to go back in the context, there are a lot of things we can’t control also on Koh-Lanta, a lot of surprises… Denis and his teams are very strong to surprise us more every day, and I’m not going to redo the match. It would not be used strictly for nothing. But my main problem is that I have let myself be carried by the emotions that I had for each other. In the life of every day, I’m not someone emotional, I even tend to be a little cold, and suddenly, I thought I couldn’t be like that on the island. If today, there was something to redo, this would be it, put more emotional distance between me and others. Perhaps I would have continued my journey.

Finally, the only one that you has always been true, it was Eric…

Yes quite ! This is the paradox, because on the screen, we do not live in a friendship or in any case a complicity and, yet, it exists. Eric, this is one that I discovered at the same time as the others, it is a real nice person, there is no calculation, it never stops. He is awake, he goes to cut wood, he goes fishing, he goes to get the cassava… It was the older, but I can assure you that it was working as Moussa and me together !

What has been the hardest thing for you in the adventure ?

The hard part, it was the rain, it makes living conditions extremely difficult because the clothes that one wears will not dry up, it was always cold, it is very unpleasant. And once it is mixed in with all the rest, it gets complicated.

How many kilos have you lost ?

I’ve lost 18 pounds. I left France, I weighed 74 kilos and my exit 56 kilos. There, currently, I am between 71 and 72 kilos.

How was the return to reality ?

It is weird because we live in autarchy in an absolute calm and it is true that ending up at the airport with noise and people everywhere, to return home without our little group with which we spent forty days, and it’s weird. We called them all several times per day at the beginning because they needed to hear. The family does not understand, in fact.

You and your family have been a victim of a real lynching and grisly threats since the release of Koh-Lanta, how do you feel about that ? Have you taken security measures for your children ?

Already, it is important to know that ALP has lodged a complaint, I too as a civilian. I had to delete my account Facebook. At the base, it was private, but once my family name has been made public, people did not stop me to identify with on lots of stuff. And then I did change the family name of my wife, and my big boy on Facebook to prevent people to come and bothering them also.

This period should be especially challenging…

To be completely transparent, it does not give confidence in the human spirit. It is a game, we-same, between candidates, as we all know, as soon as the cameras go off, kiss it all, they explain, sometimes very straightforward, but it stops there. And see so much hatred come out, this is not obvious. Send me messages of insults on my account Instagram @RégisKohLanta, it’s part of the game, this is not serious. But where it becomes difficult is when people do searches for information on my family name, my profession and my place of work, make screen shots of my children and publish it on Twitter with the words disgusting. There, it crosses a cap that has nothing to do with the game. Me, I’ve done wrong to anyone, I just played a game.

Do you regret your participation in the cause of all these attacks ?

I’ve not done any tv I have participated in an adventure, if I had really done to the tv, I would have done things differently perhaps, but I am not interested in the cameras. But actually, it spoils a bit the thing, because when you look at an episode, my wife, when I say something, knows that it will be misinterpreted and that it’s going to take expensive behind on the networks, so it anxiety, and this is not the goal. After that, I don’t have to regret what I’ve done, but it is harder to live for the family.

It was learned by your employer Go Sport that you have left the company. Is there a link with the threats of which you are the target social network ?

Not at all, I left Go Sport a few months after my return in France. The adventure can take a lot of hindsight on himself, on his family and realize his priorities. I am someone who works a lot and, being far from my family, I realized that I did spend my work for many years. And upon my return, I no longer wanted to impose on it and I changed my sign simply. But it had nothing to do with the threats.

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