Richard berry accused of incest: his friend and godfather of his daughter breaks silence

Richard berry accused of incest: his friend and godfather of his daughter breaks silence

Long-time friend of richard berry, patron of his coline daughter berry – who accuses her of incest -, the director evokes the affair for the first time. Guest of the luxury moment (non stop people) on Monday, May 10, 2021, emily cabraqui held to not take a position. “I have a complicated situation, I’ve been richard’s friend forever and we’re almost family and coline, her daughter, is my daughter.

The sports commentator tries so well as bad to “support both sides, in their neurosis, anxieties and despairs.” He assures that he has not known anything of alleged incest, also involving jeane manson, former wife of richard berry. “out of the question for me to take part””I only found out when you found out.

It upsets me (…) I called a coline, then I called a richard. I tried to calm things down by saying, ‘here, coline has things to say, so she has to tell them’ and ‘we have to get richard to answer.’ No one knows what happened, especially not me, especially not you and especially not all who speak stupidly,” he developed.

For emily cabbage, the most important is that richard and coline berry can recover, in one way or another. He is very confident about a possible return from his great friend to the cinema. For the time being, an investigation was opened by the betting prosecutor after the complaint of coline Berry-Rojtman against her father richard berry and her former mother-in-law, manson jeane for “viols or sexual assaults incetuously, and corruption of a minor.”

Incestuous and pedophiles that she thought took place when she was a child, during weekends spent at richarden’s homerichard berry and jeane manson remain presumed innocent of the facts charged until the final closure of the case.