Rita Ora : Divine in a bikini, she gilds the pill in Ibiza

The confinement lifted in time for the summer, the celebrities enjoy their freedom of movement is found and fly away on vacation ! Rita Ora has put his bags in Ibiza. It gilds the pill in a bikini and topless, and ignited social media with her pictures hot.

Despite the threat of the coronavirus always present, Ibiza is still one of the favorite vacation destinations of the stars. Rita Ora was established there with its big sister Elena Ora , and several friends. It has been a surprise on this Friday, 7 August, enjoying an afternoon at the beach.

For this new sunny day, the singer, 29-year-old was wearing a lovely bikini to the printed exotic. On Instagram, she does a parade of swimwear, two pieces, and don’t hesitate to remove the top for a tan without a trace.

His Spanish holiday, Rita Ora, the pass also over the sea ! Thursday 6 August, the pretty blonde and his buddies settled on a yacht and wandered near the coast of Formentera. Rita wore a bikini of gold. She had met Kate Moss and her companion, the photographer Nikolai Von Bismarck, in a restaurant.

Her confinement, Rita Ora had been spent in a country house in England, always with his entourage. The merry band had provoked the wrath of the premises because of conduct deemed inciviques. Bike rides (in principle, prohibited), intrusion into a private property, use of a drone… these actions had earned Rita the headlines of the british press.