Roman and Delphine (Married at first sight) separated : the candidate expresses

Fans of Married at first sight did not want to believe in it, and still, Delphine and Roman who are united in the season 4 in 2019 have broken. A new that the young woman was formalized on 27 June, on Instagram. And this Monday 29 June, the manager of a fish market has expressed about his future lover.

Roman has held a questions and answers session with his fans. After having qualified his relationship with Delphine to “healthy” and “unexpected”, the beautiful brown, which is a dad of a little girl of 7-year-old has admitted to his subscribers that he did not want to put themselves in couple for the time being. “I find myself mostly”, he replied to the question “will you find someone or not want for the moment ?”.

The announcement of his break-up with Delphine in was a surprise. As of their meeting at the town hall of Grans on June 26, 2019, the two candidates are compatible to 82% have had a true blow of heart. Without surprise, they are married in front of the cameras of M6, in front of their loved ones. Initially, the host agent was quite remote with Roman, for fear of suffering again, she quickly opened the beautiful brown. They have therefore taken the decision to remain united after the adventure and have lived a beautiful story for nearly a year.

Unfortunately, their romance ended, for we do not know what reason. At the end of may, rumors of divorce started to run after the publication of a story of Roman on Instagram : “You are many to ask me questions about Delphine and me. It took time and reflection, that is why I do not respond on the network up to now. I will give you the explanation of our silence tonight in a video that I’ll post. Sorry for this silence, which says a necessarily long on the situation, but I prefer to keep the little privacy we had left.” And he again intrigued by its subscribers on June 25, in making a statement to the mysterious Delphine. “No matter what the purpose of this beautiful story ; today I class, this time among the most beautiful of my life ; I sneak into my scheme of life where the unexpected and the destiny are the pillars… Then on the eve of this birthday, I thank you for having been there ; I have supported, and especially of me opened your heart as our eyes…”, he wrote in particular. Two days later, Delphine has confirmed their separation. “I wish you a thousand and one beautiful things and a life full of happiness and experiences…”, could one read them.