Rudy Gobert and his scandalous press conference : regrets and justifications

Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player affected by the coronavirus, an infection that had resulted in the suspension of the season. Just before discovering that he was suffering from the Covid-19, the basketball player, the French 27-year-old, who holds the position of pivot in the Utah Jazz, was mocked of the virus in the press conference, touching deliberately microphones present during the face-to-face with journalists. Aware of a lack of discernment, the athlete was quickly excused. The basketball player, the French had also made a donation of 500,000 dollars to fight against the coronavirus.

Three months later, Rudy Gobert back on this unfortunate episode and admits to Paris that he lived very badly. “It affected me, I am still a human like any other. It was a period of weird. The world was shaken by a phenomenon never before seen and was afraid. Me-even I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. On social networks, people allow themselves to judge, criticize, or insult after a video of a few seconds without knowing the situation. It is a drift of our time. Justify Me would have been a waste of energy, I preferred to put at the service of things more useful and help those who need it”, he explains.

If he regrets obviously to have touched the microphones during the press conference, he wants to put things in context : “It was the first day that the journalists could not approach us, it was a way to say we are still in contact, we’re all in the same situation. I wouldn’t do this again today, but all the people in the room were only kidding. It has since been proven that touching the mics was less risky than talking over…” “But there was a lot of fear. The NBA was waiting for a first case to stop the championship, it fell on me ! I became the image of the coronavirus to the Americans, the domino that triggered the stop of the season, but it is not I who brought the virus in the United States”, she defends it.

When he was infected by the Covid-19, Rudy Gobert has lost his sense of smell. Fortunately, everything is now back in order and he prepares for the upcoming season with the Utah Jazz.