Rupaul’s Drag Race season 12 : Back on the terrible scandal Sherry Walk

It is a dessert a little more difficult to swallow than another. While Netflix has just added the twelfth season of the reality show Rupaul’s Drag Race in his catalogue, France finally discovered its thirteen candidates… or rather twelve. As stated in each episode before starting the generic, Sherry Pie has been disqualified “due to recent events and to the following of his statements.” And if you want to know what she did to deserve this, we are here to illuminate your lanterns.

When she removes her six layers of makeup and her dresses billowy, Sherry Walk returns to Joey Gugliemelli, a young man of 27 years who lives in New York city. However, Joey has invented a fake castings to ask actors to film themselves… in positions that are a little embarrassing. This has been said five of his victims at Buzzfeed heard that the drag queen american had joined the twelfth season of the famous competition. “I feel stupid. I feel really stupid, ” said David Newman, a 26-year-old, one of the plaintiffs. Everyone makes bad choices, but he has never apologized for it. Now, the whole country is going to see it on tv. It is necessary that everyone knows what he has done.”

I’m really embarrassed, I’m disgusted

David Newman had to shoot a sequence in which he danced in shorts for a so-called musical comedy of The Strange Christmas of Mister Jack, in collaboration with Tim Burton himself. One of the victims of Joey Gugliemelli assured have had to masturbate in front of the camera to get a role that does not exist. “I want to apologize for having caused such trauma, such a sentence, has ended up writing Sherry Pie on Facebook just before the broadcast of the show on VH1. I’m really embarrassed, I was disgusted. I know that what I did will never fade, and I’m aware of have shown immense cruelty. Prior to joining the program, I hadn’t realized how much I would have had to take care of my mental health. I learned that it was important to love oneself, and I do not think it has ever been the case…”

Sherry Pie had clearly the potential to win the crown. She has a past as an actress and has worked in a theatre company in Nebraska. But his acts will not be without consequence, and his career as a drag queen now seems to be ruined. Throughout season 12, the candidate was more or less cut – and even more so in the episode sponsored by Disney, in which each of them is dressed in the colors of The snow Queen. But out of respect for his opponents, and to one who has already been elected as the twelfth top-down official RuPaul Andre Charles, the dissemination has been maintained…