Sabrina Ouazani on its 31, a “beauty” for his companion Franck Gastambide

After fifty days of stay in the jogging under the plaid, the desire to do it again pretty well there. A mood in which he was diving Sabrina Ouazani on Thursday 21 may 2020. The actress Mohamed Dubois has published a photo of her in a black suit with shoulders bare.

“When you’re barely out in 3 months, this is the day J and that you’re being a little too prepared”, has légendé, with a sense of humor, the actress of 31 years. Camille Lellouche, Amel Bent, Léa Castel, Janane Boudili (I love you etc), Shera, Mathilde Favier… his girlfriends have brought down a rain of compliments in its publication. An outfit that has mostly a lot pleased her man, Franck Gastambide. “Beauty”, he writes simply, with several émoji “strawberry”.

Together for 2015, Franck Gastambide, and Sabrina Ouazani are not the type to spread their story in the media or on social networks. Since then, the director directs it in some of his productions, Pattaya (2016) Taxi 5 (2018), by way of its all-new series, Validated (Canal +).

All these years spent side-by-side do not take away anything from : Franck Gastambide is always amazed by his companion. “This is by far one of the greatest French actresses. She knows how to do absolutely everything. This is the actress who inspires me the most in the world. The logical continuation would be that we do a film together, a romantic comedy for example ! It would be a good idea. It is in my head for a long time”, said recently the former dog trainer in Paris.

More discreet about his private life, Sabrina Ouazani was explained during a transition in Key not at my post office in 2019. “I’m not very comfortable with it all. My education has been done in modesty and I don’t have the habit to expose myself and talk about it,” said the actress.