Salvatore Ferragamo : The racist policy of the mark exposed by a star

The murder of George Floyd, a black man of 46 years old, was asphyxiated in the middle of the street by police officers in Minneapolis, has shocked and outraged. It has also triggered a global mobilization against police violence and racism, a fight that joins the industry, the fashion, the image of Salvatore Ferragamo. Only, the Italian brand is thought to be a follower of a political and discriminatory behaviour, such as denouncing the actor Tommy Dorfman, who has worked with it.

On social networks, celebrities, influencers and brands have expressed their outrage after the death of George Floyd and expressed their support for the movement Black Lives Matter. Salvatore Ferragamo has joined the fight on Instagram, by posting a black background for the BlackOut Tuesday, Tuesday, 2 June 2020. The next day (Wednesday 3 June), @salvatoreferragamo has posted a picture of an old advertising campaign called “Viva Viva”. Four hands of women from different communities appear.

“One is not born hating another person for the color of his skin, his origin or his religion. People are taught to hate, and if they can learn to hate, we can teach them love, because love is more natural to the human heart than its opposite,” writes @salvatoreferragamo in the caption of the image, an excerpt from a speech of the deceased Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and leader of the anti-Apartheid struggle. The Italian house added : “In search of a future to equal. The racism must stop now.”

As for the French brand Celine, the position of Salvatore Ferragamo has been questioned by internet users. The actor Tommy Dorfman (notably seen in the series, 13 Reasons Why) and has even denounced the racist policies of the claw, with which it has collaborated. Tommy Dorfman was the photographer of the campaign Viva Viva of Salvatore Ferragamo.

At this time, it is imperative to view the companies racist. (…) I regret that I have associated with the brand. I thought I could change them by talking, but all I’ve had excuses to be minor. I am separated from them after they have STILL discriminated against a talent that I was cast for a campaign, even though they had promised not to do it. Those who run this business are racist. They are transphobic. They are against the body positivism, “explains Tommy Dorfman in his story Instagram.

He then lays out : “Their artistic director [Paul Andrew, in office since February 2019, editor’s NOTE] I was directly asked if they could make a dummy black white using Photoshop. They have told me directly things transphobic, grossophobes racist and abominable. (…) They threatened to sue me if I talked about it, and I said nothing because of the fear. (sic) Shit. This time is over.”