Samuel le Bihan deprived of his daughter for father’s day, he explains why

While he prepares his return on the filming of the series Alex Hugo (France 2), Samuel Le Bihan has given a new interview to the magazine the Two of Us on 16 June 2020. The opportunity for the actor 54-year-old to discuss his confinement in the family, with his two seniors. The actor of the Pact of the wolves is the dad of a great boy, Jules, 24 years old, born from his relationship with Patricia Franchino, but also Angia, a little girl with autism 8 years of age, born of his romance with Daniela Beye. He also shared a little Emma-Rose, soon to be 2 years, with the model Angie Vu Ha.

During the containment, Samuel Le Bihan has been able to count on the support of his son to take care of Angia and him doing school at home : “I’ve been lucky, because I was able to strengthen my relationships with my children : to spend time with them, watching good films, doing sport with my son. We have made this period a time culturally rich, family, has been assigned to the actor. Jules is very independent and much older than his sister, that it does not usually at all in everyday life. The containment has allowed us to create a nice family keepsake.”

But to explain the health crisis and the gestures barriers to Angia was not a trivial matter : “She has not understood the containment. Today, its characteristic is more and more invisible, but she struggles with the understanding of the past and the future of the space… No longer have the right to go to the people, then that is one thing on which she has worked, is very complicated for her.”

A feast of the Fathers to the mountain

Recently, the founder of the Autism Info Service has made the decision to go and live in the province with Angia. A new life began after a tour of the world’s most beneficial for her daughter : “In 2019, she followed me all around the world for my shoots (Guadeloupe, Indonesia, United States, Brazil). Thanks to all these changes, it has developed a lot. This year, I moved into the province. I felt that she had need of stability, of guides.”

For father’s day, June 21, 2020, Samuel Le Bihan will be able to once again enjoy a family reunion with Jules and Angia, in the Hautes-Alpes, where it will run new episodes of Alex Hugo. To see his younger daughter, Emma-Rose, who lives with his mom, he will have to wait a little. “I will not be surrounded as two large, the small will be with her mother, who travels a lot for his work, explained the actor of Venus Beauty, Jet Set, and Three zeros. I see it from time-to-time and, despite the distance, these are links that are going to be more and more organized, as it will grow.”